10 Best Baby Carriers (July.2019) – Buyers Guide

Parents love having their babies close and getting the best baby carriers will help achieve that.

It’s not just the simplicity of wrapping your baby in a piece of cloth for support that makes it marvelous; it’s also the fact that they allow for constant contact which enhances parent-child bonding that no other method of transport can. No wonder people have been using baby slings for so many years.

Technological advancements have seen the integration of slings into modern day baby carriers, which are more efficient, sturdy and comfortable.

The carriers are available in different colors, shapes, styles & fabrics; hence, it can be a daunting task to find a perfect one for you and your baby.

The Best Baby Carrier

I believe Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions is the best baby carrier because of the comfort it provides. The carrier has a soft, thick and stretchy fabric that will fit you regardless of your size. It’s unisex, and with little adjustments of the buckles, both you and your partner can comfortably use it. Additionally, the straps and back are generously padded to ensure your baby’s weight doesn’t hurt your shoulders or your back. This gives you a very easy time even when the baby gets heavier.

Other outstanding features include the double hood for cover against the sun & the wind and large zippered pockets for temporary storage.

ProductComfortable for BabyComfortable for YouBest ForBest Price
Ergobaby 360 (Our Pick)YesYesBaby to Toddler Check Price
Ergobaby Original Bundle of JoyYesYesInfants Check Price
Onya Outback ChocolateYesYesBaby to Toddler Check Price
Infantino Sash WrapYesYesBaby to Toddler Check Price
BABYBJORNYesYesBaby to Toddler Check Price
360° ErgonomicYesYesBaby to Toddler Check Price
Boba 4GYesYesBaby to Toddler Check Price
Gemini PerformanceYesYesBaby to Toddler Check Price
Baby K’tanYesNoBirth to Toddler Check Price
TwinGo originalYesYesToddlers Only Check Price

1. Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions – Four Different Positions (Our Pick)

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  • Carry your baby in whichever position that you please!
  • You can face the baby outside for them to view the world, or inside for a more intimate connection.
  • The carrier allows you to wear the baby on the back or hip as the baby grows (12-33 pounds or 4-36 months).
  • The carrier also works well with an infant insert, which comes separately, for use with a newborn.

Ergobaby 360 is an award-winning baby carrier that facilitates carrying in all positions. This amazing baby carrier has breathable and cool fabric that allows you to get out and about with your little one regardless of the weather outside.

With its classic, structured bucket seat, the Ergobaby 360 allows for maximum versatility and comfort for your little one. There is just so much that this baby carrier has to offer. The question is: is it worth the hype?

Let us find out!

Design, Performance, and Feature

  • Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier is very comfortable for both you and the little one. The bucket seat is easy to adjust, and it keeps the baby supported in an ergonomic “M” position regardless of the position in use.
  • The carrier features a unique lower back comfort having a padded lumbar waist support belt. The shoulder straps also have extra padding that distributes the baby’s weight evenly.
  • The fabric that makes the Ergobaby 360 baby carrier is breathable, lightweight, and durable. It, therefore, protects you and the baby from excessive sweating especially when it is hot.
  • The baby carrier has a custom fit. It is easy to adjust to fit different wearers thanks to the waist belt adjustment of 26-52 inches and shoulder adjustment of 28-46 inches.
  • The baby carrier comes with integrated babyhood that supports the little one’s head when sleeping, keeps them protected from the sun, and also provides privacy for you when nursing.
  • The shoulder strap loosens easily, making it easy for you to nurse the baby while on the carrier.
  • The baby carrier is machine washable, which makes maintenance easy.
  • The International Hip Dysplasia Institute passes the Ergobaby 360 as a hip healthy baby carrier.
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  • The baby carrier allows you to carry the baby in all positions.
  • The deluxe foam is firm, and it retains its shape after washing.
  • It has a great design that is easy to use.
  • The design facilitates the comfort of both the baby and the wearer.
  • The baby carrier works well with an infant insert for use with newborns.
  • It facilitates excellent distribution of the baby to prevent fatigue.
  • The carrier is machine washable and dryable.
  • It comes with a built-in hood that makes nursing easy.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It is too pricey.
  • The carrier does not have little pouches or pockets for storage.

2. Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier – Mom’s Choice

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  • Its adjustable padded shoulder and waist belt allows you to raise & tighten your child against your chest.
  • It’s a great feature especially if you want to breastfeed while walking around. And when kids are fussing over something, it is easier to monitor them closely.
  • When they are on your chest, it not only mimics you holding them in your arms, it also allows you to sense any discomfort up front.

It’s the ultimate gift for expecting parents, The Bundle of Joy. Combine the comfort and user-friendliness of the Original Set Carrier with the new, advanced Infant Insert, and you have the perfect Bundle of Joy. The carrier with its Infant Insert is designed to allow you to carry your newborn safely. It can adjust to different levels of support as your baby grows. From the first day, throughout toddlerhood, you and your little one can embark on every adventure together.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • It has three Carry positions: front-inward, hip, and back which allows wearers to change sides reducing fatigue on one part of the body.
  • Sun and Wind Protection: It has a sunshade for protection against the sun, wind, and privacy during breastfeeding. It’s also essential to support baby’s head while sleeping and tailors with five snap levels for infant growth.
  • Ergonomic: The carrier is ergonomic to older kids with the deep seat for spread squat, M shape seat position.
  • Perfect for new parents: It’s intuitive, and new parents can use it from baby’s first day and is the best baby carrier for newborn.
  • No allergic reactions: 100% cotton canvas body and carrier lining, which is gentle on young one’s skin and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. The fill is also 100% Cotton – softens the edges.
  • Extra Storage: The large zippered storage pocket which doubles as sleeping hood storage and can be used for throw ins like phones, keys, and wallet.
  • Comfortable: Evenly distributed weight between your shoulder and hips provides the ultimate comfort.
  • Accessory compatibility includes Infant Inserts, Backpacks, Teething Pads, Front Pouches and Weather Covers.
  • It’s CPSIA compliant and JPMA Safety Certified, and has passed the SGS buckles test. It also adheres to ASTM F2236 Safety Standards.
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  • The Infant Insert provides nest like comfort in baby’s early days.
  • It mimics the comfortable feeling of the womb providing a cozy transition to the outside world.
  • Allows you to place the little one down to sleep without hassles.
  • You can also transfer sleeping babies to another wearer’s shoulder without waking them up.
    Easy to put it on by yourself
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Once the kid gets a little bit larger, the carrier puts too much stress on your shoulder and back.
  • First time users can have a bit of a hard time following the manual and to apply.

3. Boba 4G Carrier – Freedom to All

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  • It has foot straps which hold your child’s leg, offering him support and relaxation.
  • Your kid’s leg could be a bit fatigued due to long sitting hours.
  • The foot straps are handy in this effect. Also, it has Snap-on sleeping hood for their quick naps, and protection against the sun, rain or the wind.

Boba 4G finds its way to the list of best baby carriers for the flexible structure that’s designed to adapt, so you can freely enjoy the adventure. It’s durable and moves you and your child from infancy through toddlerhood.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • Designed with materials that are free from any potentially hazardous substances or dyes, and won’t cause harm when your baby bites or chews on it.
  • It’s durable and will take your little one from infancy to toddlerhood.
  • The multiple pockets (with one on the waist having a zipper) are ideal for on-the-move storage of phones, credit cards, keys and so on.
  • The Infant Insert has two positions.
  • 100% cottonIts weight capacity is 7-45lbs inclusive of Infant Insert.
  • It has two ergonomic carry positions which support baby’s body.
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  • The carrier accommodates both back, and front carries positions.
  • It has a list of friendly features like maximum comfort and great convenience for both newborn-to-toddler and parent. It’s the top baby carriers on the selling list for its more than a dozen features.
  • Ability to bring the baby closer by pulling additional straps for easy breastfeeding.
  • Boba carrier comes with all accessories and tips you’ll need to grow with your child from newborn to toddlerhood.
  • It has warranty registration card.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Shoulder straps dig into your shoulders and cause discomfort when worn for a long time.
  • Although adjustable, it’s still hard to get a comfortable spot.

4. Gemini Performance Baby Carrier – Best for Toddlers

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  • Superior padding in the adjustable straps (23 – 45”) ensures you have no back pain, and other hip or shoulder related problems. Similarly, the additional padding by the leg holes guarantees your little one is sitting pretty in style and comfort regardless of how you carry.
  • Beco also provides a broad range of comfortable carry options; it’s your prerogative to decide if it’s front facing in or out or hip or back carry; all the position without any pain.

Gemini Performance Baby Carrier is a remarkably soft structured and versatile with four different carrying options – the front facing out, inward facing, backpack and the hip. It’s amazingly comfortable for both you and your baby. That combined with unrivaled durability is why Beco is the best toddler carrier in the market.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • Has high quality tested materials which are hazard free to ensure it doesn’t harm the baby in the event they chew.
  • The hard hood is ideal for shielding the kid against the sun and wind. It’s also perfect for nursing.
  • The carrier comes with a written manual and a visual recording to give step-by-step guidance on how to use it correctly to avoid accidents and to utilize features completely.
  • It has adjustable straps that you can pull to bring baby closer to you, enhancing the bond between the two of you.
  • The carrier is lightweight, (1.5lbs) and easy to fold and not bulky.
  • The innovative little carrier is designed to support your kid from when their first day to toddlerhood without worry (7 – 35lbs).
  • Beco offers a lifetime guarantee on every product they sell, and clients get refunded if this baby wrap carrier does not meet their expectations.
  • The waist belt is 28” and adjusts up to 57”.Shoulder straps 23 and can extend to 22”.
  • Body 13” wide X 18.5” tall with headrest up, 14 inches tall with headrest folded.
This is box title
  • Has an elastic band sewn at the end of each strap that you can roll up the extra strap fabric to remove dangling straps from your sides.
  • Comfortable and easy to get on once you get the hang of it. It’s breathable therefore kids don’t sweat.
  • Easy enough to place the baby inside and to get them off.
  • In any position, little one’s neck, head, back, and spine are protected helping your carry without worries.
  • You don’t need an Infant Insert to support newborns.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Beco carrier has less padding on the shoulder straps.
  • No side pockets for on-the-go storage, making it difficult for you to be “hands-free.”

5. Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier – Perfect for Newborns and Toddlers

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  • It has one-of-a-kind double-loop design that provides extra security for carrying the baby.
  • The assurance of security will give you peace of mind to know that your child is safe. The double-loop also covers you during nursing, so you won’t need to carry a shawl.
  • Besides, its exclusive design provides you with a ready to wear carrier saving you time.

Baby K’tan Original is an award winning baby wrap carrier that doesn’t require wrapping. It’s one of a kind double-loop design is an innovative combination of a wrap, sling, and carrier, all in one, offering the benefits and positions of all the three. Custom made to fit the wearer; the carrier fits perfectly like a t-shirt to comfortably carry little one from newborn to toddlerhood.

It’s tight and light like a sling, yet totally supportive like a structured carrier. 100% natural cotton, ensuring sensitive baby’s skin doesn’t get allergic reactions. The materials are thoroughly tested for harmful chemicals (azo dyes and formaldehyde). The strong plastic and metal structure guarantees baby’s safety.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • Available in different fabrics and colors and they are machine washable, dryer safe making it easy to care for and maintain.
  • Comes with a matching sash which doubles up as carrying bag.
  • Its 100% natural soft cotton that’s a perfect blend of a traditionally used sling, wrap, and carrier giving the best of the three. These quality make it stand out among all the best baby carriers.
  • Infants and toddlers can be comfortably carried in the ready-to-wear wrap, in multiple positions.
  • K’tan carriers are ideal for premature kids and kids with special needs.
  • Adjustable back support band provides you with extra back support and makes it easy to balance toddler’s weight on both shoulders.
  • It’s lightweight and compact, just like a sling, but it goes over both shoulders for even distribution of baby’s weight like a structured carrier.
  • It’s easy to wear and remove and comes with a free carry bag.
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  • Very easy to use and you can put it on much faster than buckle carriers.
  • The sizing is perfect; as they are individually sized to fit you (refer to sizing chart to select your size).
  • Very soft, snuggly material is very cozy, and the cradle position is just perfect for newborns who don’t have neck control yet.
  • The carriers are very comfortable and hand free – feels more natural compared to all other top baby carriers in the market.
  • The sash also serves a storage function, making it possible to carry the full K’tan original baby carrier without a diaper bag.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Challenging to position the baby for breastfeeding.
  • Without proper adjustments, it can hurt the shoulder.

6. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier – Must Have Baby Carrier for Twins

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  • It has extra-large pockets which can be used instead of a diaper bag. Carrying a diaper bag and the baby carrier separately can be an uphill task, considering the bulk. If a carrier can double up as both, it goes a great way in helping you to be “hands-free.”
  • Another great thing is its design allows one or two adults to carry twins or two children of different sizes and age at the same time.

TwinGo original baby carrier is a versatile system that can be worn as one or two individual carriers, allowing the user to carry kids on the front, back or both. With its perfect fit adjusters, the panel, and padded shoulder straps can be precisely tuned to customizable fit. Fits different infant and toddlers size or age. TwinGo has hoods on either side of the carrier and large zippered pockets to stack essentials for a hands-free feel.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • It’s the best seller of twin carrier for children between 10-45 lbs and 4’11”-6’51”.
  • TwinGo has one base carrier with blue interior, one attachment with orange interior, one extra shoulder straps, two sleep hoods (one blue, one orange), two pockets that double up to carrying cases.
  • More cost-effective than buying two single-child carriers without sacrificing quality, making it economical.
  • It’s flexible and offers a comfortable fit for short and tall adults.
  • Its high quality 100% soft cotton material is color-coded for intuitive use.
  • Has a sturdy waistband with six configurations to comfortably fit extra-large children.
  • Reinforcement on the 1″ premium foam shoulder straps for double-duty.
  • The duple-adjustable buckles allow for a snug.
  • Shoulder straps have top and bottom adjustments to provide a custom fit for newborn to toddlers.
This is box title
  • It’s practical and easy to use, either singly or together.
  • The panel and padding proportions are similar and sleeping hoods wonderfully support baby’s heads.
  • The buckles are sturdy and can’t be unintentionally connected to others because they are all sized differently – a well thought of the concept.The large pockets are perfect for diaper bag free treat; they aren’t bulky to affect balance or baby’s comfort.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Used with Infant Insert for small babies.
  • Not suitable for little kids who don’t have neck control.

7. Onya Outback Chocolate Chip/Ivory – Ergonomic Right Positioning

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  • Onya baby carrier can convert into a seat by strapping it to any chair with a backing. Then, you pull out the seating from its zippered pocket and place in the kid.
  • The position is excellent, especially when visiting a friend or staying in a hotel. You don’t need to carry your baby on your laps all the time. Moreover, it’s safe; your child won’t fall out of the seat when buckled up.

Evidenced by its popularity, the Onya Baby Carrier is cherished by many moms for its ergonomic right positioning for baby and simple adjustable boost as they grow.

Despite being “rugged,” the air-mesh lining is soft against the skin. It’s beautiful and cushy, providing a conducive environment for the baby to relax.

It’s the best baby carrier for newborns and can serve them till they are 15lbs heavy.

Additionally, the six adjustment points on the carrier – two on either side, (one for you, one for the baby), one for the chest clip and the last for the waist belt – ensures total fit and comfort for both of you. You can bring him closer if you want to breastfeed or a bit lower if when strolling.

It’s a real definition of function over fashion, though fashionable, Onya carrier longevity is remarkable. It will serve you for a long time and remain undamaged, and you can resell it at a good price in the event you won’t be using it anymore.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • Double-entry zippered pocket to keep your hands warm during the cold season, and also preserves the cold beverages in a hot day.
  • Toy loop, that’s on both sides of the shoulder straps, is an idea for hanging kids toys. This toys can entertain your child when you are busy handling your chores. They also help them in the learning process.
  • Shoulder strap clip adjusts on both sides for your shoulder and baby’s legs.
  • Body extension is ideal for support, especially for the tall toddlers.
  • It has a wide padded waist belt vital for support, balance and comfort.
  • Covered waist buckle with elastic catch necessary for support.
This is box title
  • The sling comes with a video manual to help wearers to take advantage of every feature, including how to roll it up.
  • It’s comfortable and has well-made safety features that extend its longevity.
  • Reasonably fresh, therefore less sweat.
  • Light.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Outback, baby booster, infant insert and the set of Chewie Teething Pads have to be bought separately, which can be a deal breaker for many.
  • The incompetency of using it goes a long way; some people have hard times to maneuver and can cause your shoulder to score if not well-worn.

8. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier – Budget Pick Carrier

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  • Sash wrap has very comfortable straps, which have no buckles that would dig into you.
  • When carrying your child for a longer time, the weight feels like it’s increasing each minute. Nothing could be more frustrating than a piece of plastic pressing hard on your shoulder. Sash Wrap is beautifully designed to ensure your bonding time is pain-free. This feature is a major differentiator between Sash and other infant carriers.
  • Sash wrap is flexible and forms a natural seat for baby in all its three carry positions, making the baby comfortable.

Infantino Sash Wrap carrier is excellent and surprisingly affordable for its comfort and value. It’s designed from the conventional style of baby wearing called Mei Tai. Sash wrap is buckle-free, and with its tie design, you can custom it to naturally fit your body (perfect for any body type). It has three carry positions – facing-in, backpack, and hip-hugger. The Sash ergonomically supports toddlers and has a detachable hood for protection against sunlight, the wind and is a great cover for the nursing time.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • The black or blue-and-gray pattern is appealing and neutral. The outer part of the Sash carrier is 100% cotton, the hood is 80% Polyester & 20% cotton, and is machine washable.
  • Has a pretty simple design, with shorter straps to tie around your waist and longer straps to pull over your shoulders and tie at your waist after rightly positioning the baby.
  • It’s reliable, offers great support and is easy to use; you just tie the double knot, and you’re on your way. Easy adjustments while sitting and standing up and you wouldn’t have to take your baby out.
  • Mei Tei comes with a step-by-step manual and a video demonstration of how to tie each position. Each padded straps has sewn-in details that give directions how to use it, and you can relax knowing your kid is safe.
This is box title
  • It’s super easy to put on and comes with clear instructions that are straightforward.
  • Folds compactly making it easy to carry around.
  • Much faster to put on.
  • Ideal for people in all sizes and shape, from plus size to petite.
  • Efficient and least expensive carrier.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • The black polyester detachable hood fabric gets hot quickly outside in the sun and causes discomfort to baby.
  • The material collects hair and lint pretty easily.

9. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle – Perfect up to 15 Months Old Kids

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  • All the carrier’s adjustments are made in the front, making it easy to put on and take off.
  • The well-designed latches on the front make it easy to release with a single hand.
  • And what’s best is the whole front can open up, making it convenient to lift your sleeping baby without waking them up.

BABYBJORN, one of the top rated baby carriers, is entirely adjustable with a waist belt back support and broad shoulder straps which allow you to vary pressure points enabling you and your loved one to comfortably bond for longer periods. The waist belt helps relieve pressure from your shoulder by allowing baby’s weight to be supported by your hips.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • Fabrics and materials used in the BabyBbjorn sling are gentle to your baby’s sensitive skin and are totally harmless to chew (doesn’t contain substances that are health-hazards). Adhere to “Oeko-Tex standard 100 and class one” approved – this is the international safety requirement for textiles.
  • The infant baby carrier enhances parent-child bonding from the beginning. It allows you to carry your child high up on your chest and closer to your heart, making them feel warm and safe. The closeness assists you to learn and understand baby’s needs because you can easily see their facial and expressions and body language.
  • Ideally suitable for newborn babies to about 15 months – no Infant Insert needed, making it one of the top baby carriers.
  • Developed with medical professionals to provide adequate support to head, neck, back and hip.
  • Doesn’t restrict the movement of child’s arms and legs, a good way to allow them to develop motor skills, balance, and muscles. The design allows genuine freedom of movement.
  • It’s an ergonomically designed adjustable waist belt, which provides excellent comfort for your growing baby.
  • 100% cotton is mild and gentle on baby’s skin; it’s breathable, absorbent, and comfortable. It’s natural and doesn’t cause a reaction to baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Two-way front carries that lets your little one face you for approximately four months, and can then face forward to glance at the world around them.
  • It has a free two-year guarantee.
This is box title
  • Good head supports for 0-3 months old.
  • Perfect for newborns, but also designed to accommodate them up to around 15 months cozily.
  • BabyBjorn is a pediatricians’, midwives’ and child psychologists’ creation that provide the right amount of support for head, hips and back.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It’s uncomfortable to use when the kid gets heavier.
  • Baby can only be carried in front, not to the side and back like other carriers.

10. Six-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier – The Most Breathable Baby Carrier

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  • This toddler baby carrier has a unique bucket-seat shape, with side panels that are adjustable.
  • The feature enables you to manipulate the seat by narrowing or widening its base to get the perfect grip on the baby.
  • It ensures your child is safe from falling and applies to all the six carry positions.

No products found.

360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier is undoubtedly amongst the top rated baby carriers. It’s comfortable and supremely capable. It’s well-ventilated to ensure continuous airflow and is perfect for sports parents on the go. Its Breathable 3D mesh – for total air circulation ensures baby gets fresh air all the time. Six carry positions including back, front, hip, facing in or out, or in a fetal position. No baby inserts needed.

Design, Performance, and Features

  • The removable sleeping hood with double adjustment supports baby’s head while sleeping, protects from the sun and winds and provides privacy during breastfeeding.
  • Extendible back panels easily buckle upwards for inward facing and fold back for outward facing positions for an extra back, neck and head support which prevents baby from dangling out of the carrier.
  • Shoulder straps have sufficient cushion, and the waistband is broad. Pads optimize your comfort, as the strain on shoulders and lower back reduces.
  • It has two large pockets to put phones, wallets, baby accessories and the removable hood.
  • Suitable for newborns (7-45lbs)You can carry with backpack or “X” straps.
This is box title
  • It’s one of the best toddler carrier and its great features back it up. It’s soft structured and grows with your kid through all the years they’ll be using it. The seat fits your child’s size and development.
  • Incorporates all carrying position without the need for an infant insert: Front- toddler, Front-infant, Front-fetal, Front-outward, Hip, and Back carry.
  • Comes with how-to instruction manual and instructional videos for visual demonstration.
Things We Didn’t Like
  • The strap rubs the arms as you walk and the leg area does not have a cushion, which causes discomfort.
  • Fabric not as nice as Tula and other ergo baby carriers.

How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier


The designing of a carrier should have your security and that of your baby in mind. They should be sturdy for daily use without undue wear or tear. A good one should hold the baby in a way that allows easy breathing. It’s always recommended to check the safety label upfront.

Always read the height and weight tags to ensure you use the right baby carrier for your infant’s size.


Best baby carriers allow you to carry the baby for extended periods of time without any shoulder, back or hip pain.

Get the ones that have broad, padded shoulder straps and a wide waist belt, which distribute your baby’s weight evenly for balance.

Size and Weight Rating:

Carriers are not a one-size-fits-all product. Some are suitable for newborns but not ideal for toddlers, while others may not offer Infant Inserts for the accommodation of smaller babies. If your toddler can’t hold his neck and head up, get one that provides head support.

Baby carriers bring your kid closer and are perfect for communication between the two of you. However, they can be tricky to master; you’ll need a lot of learning and practice, and can be hectic if you’re using it for the first time.

It’s always advisable to bring someone with you when shopping as it might be a challenge to carry another load together with your baby who’s on your back.

Buyers Guide – Best Baby Carrier 2017

A baby carrier is a “pouch-with-straps” that allows you to carry your child on the front, hip or back of your body, leaving you “hands-free.”

Some people opt for baby carriers instead of the pram as their means of transport due to storage space constraints, lifestyle, personal preference or budget. Others choose it as an additional piece of kit for those times when it is not convenient to take a pram somewhere, or when they want that amazing feeling of cuddling with baby.

The forward-facing baby carrier is suitable from birth and lets you carry your little one close to you while keeping you “hands-free,” but they have a shorter lifespan than a back carrier because once the baby starts adding weight, you’ll feel strain carrying her.

Back baby carrier is ideal for a baby who can sit up and support herself and can use up to age to three or four.

Technology of Baby Carriers


Baby carriers are designed to keep both you and your child safe and comfortable. It should have features which improve airflow to prevent the two of you from overheating. Most designers incorporate vents, mesh panels and shaped sides to the carriers.

Head Support

Newborns cannot support their head; they have a tendency to flop down. Head support helps put their head in a position that’s away from their chest, which would otherwise restrict their airway. The head support should be stiff and well cushioned for comfort.


Created to cover the area the where the baby gets cold, and keeps the head free. It should be from materials which do not absorb and maintain heat.


For on-the-go storage, can help to hold your phone, wipes, pacifiers and so on.

Shoulder Padding

Good shoulder padding improves comfort when wearing a kid. As they grow, the weight starts to strain more on the shoulder. Padding prevents the carrier rubbing and discomfort while carrying the baby. The carrier padding should be generously fitted to enhance the support.

Back Support

The carrier should be well cushioned to prevent back aches and pains. It should have excellent back support to help you wear your baby for longer without getting sore.


Rings – They trap the fabric in between two plastic or metal rings to secure. They are easily adjustable but require practice to use effectively.

Buckles – Structured carriers fasten with clips, they are easy to put on and convenient for learners.

Soft Structured Carriers

Also referred to as buckle carriers, they are a modern sling style that has buckle attachments rather than ties. They are convenient for beginners who want a carrier that’s comfortable, without a learning curve. Most dads prefer this style because it’s similar to wearing a backpack.


Holds rectangular pieces of fabric.


The type of material used for your baby carrier affects how you carry your child. Stretch fabrics can handle lighter babies but may not provide enough structure for heavier ones.

Finishes and dye for the carriers should comfort to the “Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class one” for baby’s safety.

The fabric should be weather appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Carriers

When should I change the carry position?

After spending time with your little one, you are better placed to decide the optimal way to wear your child, based on the situation, their mood and the estimated carrying time.

At what age can I bring my baby in the back carry position?

Well, the best time is around six months – when they have developed stronger back, head and neck control. Besides, it’s about this period that parents will be comfortable not having their child in the direct line of sight.

When is my baby ready for a front-outward facing carry position?

Once your baby has a strong head and neck control and has the curiosity to interact and see the world, they are ready for the carry position. However, it’s recommended starting with short durations like five to ten minutes to avoid over-stimulation.

Advantages of Modern Technology Baby Carriers

Sling baby cry less – many parents relate babywearing to less fuss. Research conducted by a team of pediatricians in Montreal on 99 mother-infant pairs indicated that infants who received supplemental carrying cried 43% less than the non-carried group.

Sling babies learn more – Given they don’t cry when carried, all they do is learn. They are always quiet and alert, which allows them to interact with the environment. According to research, carried babies show enhanced auditory and visual alertness.

Final Verdict

Baby carriers have been around for centuries and new day moms are embracing them for their many benefits. Unlike strollers, which can be a nightmare to use in crowded places, the carrier requires little space and allows you to move naturally and freely.

They are affordable, require less space, “hands-free” and can help new parents shed some extra weight.

For babies, it helps them settle better and sleep longer. That’s because of the warmth, close contact and rhythmic sound of a heartbeat.

The upright position eases colic symptoms or acid reflux and aids digestion. The carriers promote breastfeeding and bonding, which in turn improves baby’s IQ.

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