Best Convertible Car Seats Under $150 (July.2019)

The one thing that every parent wants to keep the most protected is their baby, isn’t it? Whatever they do, wherever they go, or what condition they are in, ensuring the baby’s safety becomes their biggest headache!

Parents who work outside, or travel on a daily basis, find it tough to make a convenient ride for their baby as the regular car seats are basically structured for grown-ups. So, it’s high time they thought about buying a convertible car seat to get the best solution to this problem.

Since convertible car seats are especially designed for the baby’s safety and comfort, parents consider it very safe while driving. The seats vary in features, prices, and overall structure.

Let’s discuss on 5 best convertible car seats under $150 to conduct a comparative study of their features for helping you select the perfect one for your baby!

1. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 – Best for Newborns

  • Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is one of the wonders in the current market at such an affordable price!
  • The seat starts serving you from the very day your baby takes a ride from the hospital to the day they start playing.
  • It can take weights of 5-40lbs in rear-facing mode, 22-64lbs in forward-facing mode and 40-100lbs in belt-positioning booster mode.
  • The seat reclines in 3 different positions and comes with 2 removable pillows to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort to your baby.
  • The harness and side impact protection keep your baby safe during a car ride. The Quick Fit Harness System offers a single step operation to adjust the harness and headrest height to the baby’s height.
  • Since the seat contains machine-washable & dryer safe pads, you can keep it clean with minimal effort.

Why you should buy

The seat comes with a good number of accessories that your baby will require in every stage of his initial growth. When he will be big enough to use the car’s seat belt, you can remove the harness and activate its belt-positioning booster mode for kids up to 100lbs weight. Your baby will surely feel comfortable and secured while riding in this convertible car seat.

2. Britax Roundabout G4.1 – Best for Infants

  • Britax Roundabout G4.1 is an award-winning car seat which creates an exceptional combination of comfort and safety.
  • The seat carries 5-42lbs weight in rear-facing mode and 22-56lbs weight in forward-facing mode. The seat is basically designed for infants.
  • Only the Britax Roundabout seat contains SafeCell Impact Protection that creates an integrated system of safety for your baby.
  • The seat reclines in 3 different positions to ensure flexibility to your growing baby. Since the seat contains Plush Foam Padding, it enhances the comfortability manifolds.
  • It has 2 positions for the buckle to adjust with the height of the baby.
  • The 5-point tangle-free harness system prevents the strap from being tangled and makes it easy to ensure your baby’s safety.
  • The easy-on/off Latch Connectors quicken the installation process.

Why you should buy

Every smart parent would love what Britax Roundabout G4.1 seat offers at such a cheap price. The protection system of this convertible car seat is undoubtedly its main selling point. Also, it has a good-looking structure with easy installation process that makes it a very user-friendly unit.

3. Safety 1st Guide 65 – Best for Infants

  • Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat is ideal for small-sized cars.
  • The seat carries 5-40lbs in rear-facing condition and 22-67lbs in its forward-facing condition.
  • The 5-point harness system with 5 different heights and 2 buckle positions ensure maximum protection of your baby.
  • The seat contains EPP foam pad that absorbs shock and gives a smooth ride on any surface.
  • Since the seat pad is hand-washable, you can keep it clean with minimal effort.
  • It avails a multi-position head rest and lumbar body pillows for an extra layer of comfort.
  • The removable cup holder can be used for keeping baby foods or drinks during the ride.

Why you should buy

Safety 1st Guide 65 is a perfect choice for parents who are looking for budget-friendly car seats for smaller cars. The shock absorbent foam padded seat makes the ride enjoyable even on rough surfaces. Also, the multi-position headrest and pillows ensure maximum comfort for the baby.

4. Graco Size4Me 65 – Best for Infants

  • Graco Size4Me is a convertible car seat for both infants and toddlers as the seat can carry weights from 4lbs up to 65lbs.
  • It contains 3 seat reclining positions, 5-point safety harness, and 2 buckle positions to ensure an integrated system of comfort and safety. The Simply Safe Adjust Harness System can adjust the harness and headrest height itself.
  • The seat contains a machine-washable RapidRemove Cover which can be cleaned without uninstalling the seat from the car. So, it’s super easy to keep it clean.
  • With the InRight Latch System, you can install the seat in few seconds without any complication.

Why you should buy

Graco Size4Me Convertible Car Seat includes all the necessary features that will keep your baby safe when you drive the car. The RapidRemove cover makes it easy to clean the seat and maintain hygiene. The seat is tested for Side Impact Protection. Thus, it keeps your baby protected in the event of any unexpected accident.

5. Evenflo Triumph LX – Best for Toddlers

  • Evenflo Triumph LX is a lightweight and compact car seat that comes with a good number of accessories to give both parents and the baby an exceptionally good experience.
  • The 5-point Infinite Slide Harness System adjusts to the baby’s height without any need of re-threading. The up-front adjustment and buckle release option make it convenient to accommodate growing babies.
  • The hand & machine-washable foam liners of the seat absorbs shock in the event of U-turns or sudden breaks to keep the ride smooth.
  • The seat goes perfect for long trips as the headrest and comfortable pillows help your baby have a cozy ride.
  • The compact structure of the seat enables you to carry it during air travels.
  • The Latch system quickens the seat installation process.
  • It includes dual cup holders to store baby food, snacks, or juice while going on a trip.

Why you should buy

Evenflo Triumph LX gives an amazing ride experience for babies. The safety measures and convenient features make it a great unit especially for parents on-the-go! The side impact protection system reduces the side impact force up to 50% so that parents feel safe about their baby even during a car crash or sudden accident.


The above-mentioned car seats are very basic units with enough features to ensure a comfortable ride for your baby. So, these products are intended for those parents who want a budget-friendly compact seat that can serve pretty well in terms of safety and comfort. Any of them can be a perfect fit for your baby as long as it meets your requirement!

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