Diaper Bag Checklist – Things to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a primary item that you must carry with you when traveling with your baby. It is where you will store all the necessities that a child requires.

The way you pack a diaper bag is dependent on several factors. They include; where you are going, your baby’s age, and how long you will be out. This checklist will help you prepare by packing the essential things in your diaper bag.

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Essential things to pack in your diaper bag

The following are the most important things that every mother should include in a diaper bag before leaving the house.


You will require one or two diapers every hour. Pack them according to the amount of time you intend to stay out. You should also include a few additional diapers for more changes if you spend much more time outside than you expected.


You need wipes to wipe your baby’s bum after nature calls. They are necessary for wiping your hands after changing diapers too.

If you have a good diaper bag with a section dedicated to wipes, then you shouldn’t have any storage problems. If not, then keep your diapers in a small plastic bag where they won’t lose moisture.


You shouldn’t forget to include lotions in your diaper bag. The best options are travel-sized tubes since they will save space for other items. Choose the best creams depending on the sensitivity of the baby’s skin.

Hand Sanitizer

Anybody who cares about a baby’s health needs to sanitize his or her hands before feeding or changing the baby. A hand sanitizer is, therefore, one of the essential things to include in your diaper bag.

Changing Pad

Some diaper bags come with changing pads, but some don’t. Whether or not your bag came with it, make sure to find the right changing pad size

Small Bags

If you are using a reusable diaper, then you need a place to store soiled diapers. You can throw disposable diapers just about anywhere. You will also require these bags to store disposable diapers until you find a place to dispose of them properly. You can also carry extra bags for storing pacifiers.

Baby Food

For newborns, you will need pumped baby milk while for few-month-old babies, you will require infant formula. Find out the right baby food before you decide what to pack and how to pack it accordingly. If you are packing a diaper bag for a one-year-old, then you must include some water.

Burp Cloths

Carry with you as many burp cloths and washcloths as possible. The number should depend on the duration of your trip.

Changing Clothes

Bottles can leak, and blowouts and spit ups can happen anytime. Throw in one or two changing clothes depending on how long you intend to stay on the trip. You should also add in a couple of socks.


Carry a light blanket with you for protecting your baby when it is hot or cold. A blanket is also essential when in some restaurants and for allowing your baby get a good sleep without interruptions.

A Hat

Carry a hat with you to keep your baby warm during the cold or block out the sun in hot weather. You might need a light hat and heavy one or just one that is neither too thick nor too light.


If you are packing your diaper bag for a 6-month baby or above, then you should include some sunscreen to protect your baby from the harsh sun. Just use a blanket or hat to protect babies who are below six months.


Toddlers tend to play with every opportunity they get. Their playful nature often leads to accidents, and that’s why band-aids are necessary. Even if the kid just got a scratch, he or she will need a band-aid to feel like the wound is being taken care of properly.


Carry some toys for your toddler’s entertainment. Ensure that the toys you carry are baby friendly and have straps on to prevent your little one from throwing them around in crowded places.


Older babies will need snacks to keep them busy. Carry a couple of them but make sure they aren’t the kind that will ruin appetites.

Your Essentials

You don’t want to carry many things with you in addition to the baby. Therefore, include your essentials in the diaper bag too. Essentials include everything you would have in a purse such as money, phones, keys, and emergency contacts for a pediatrician, daycare, or babysitter.

Extras When Packing a Diaper Bag for Newborns

Nursing Cover: Pack essentials such as a nursing cover for breastfeeding your child in a public place in the case of newborns.

Nursing pads: You will require nursing and vaginal pads for yourself after birth when there is still some liquid output.

Extra Clothing: Carry an extra shirt for those instances where you kid messes your shirt for a canvas.
Tips to consider when carrying a diaper bag

Carry a Big Enough Diaper Bag: The number of things you carry in a diaper bag depends on various factors. If you have twins, then you need extra clothing and food. You will need a big enough bag to accommodate essentials.

Mode of Transport: If you are in a personal vehicle, it will be easy for you to carry just about anything. However, if you are flying then carry with you the most essentials things that comfortably fit your diaper bag while allowing you enough space to carry your essentials.

Whether you are heading for a game or visiting someone, always make sure that you have the right diaper bag with you. Not only should it have essentials for your baby, but also everything you need for yourself.

Make sure the bottles you carry are closed tightly to prevent leaks too. Some bags have sections dedicated to carrying bottles but if yours doesn’t, place bottles in a plastic bag before you carry them in a diaper bag.

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