Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Review

With all the overwhelming options on the market, the Ergobaby 360 All Positions stands out among the other baby carriers because of its superior comfort, ease of use, ergonomic design, and versatility. More and more parents have tried out the brand to give their little ones the utmost comfort and protection that strollers and other carriers may not have provided at times.

As the name suggests, the Ergobaby 360 exhibits a flexible positioning that enables the baby to face inward, onward, and outward. This innovative feature allows the parent to secure and hold their baby much closer whenever they stroll around the park or run an errand. Not only does it provide convenience but also a greater relief that every parent would always ask for.

Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Cool Mesh Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Features of the Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions

The Ergobaby 360 All Positions lines up along the huge array of Ergobaby baby carriers that have been trusted by many parents through the years. Unlike the usual carriers, the Ergobaby 360 is intricately designed with ergonomic features to keep the parent and the baby snug all the time. The high-quality materials and adjustable details make the Ergobaby 360 more than just an ordinary baby carrier.


  • Adjustable Bucket Seat: The adjustable bucket seat provides superior comfort to the baby whatever the position may be. It also has a back panel that folds and extends to make sure the baby gets the maximum head support and comfort they need.
  • All Carry Positions: As it is tagged with the name 360, it clearly defines the flexible positioning without compromising the comfort. You can position your baby inward, outward, and onward. You can take advantage of this feature depending on your baby’s activity. Whether he is sleeping, eating, or just enjoying the beautiful sceneries, your little one won’t have any problem with the comfort and body support. As a parent, you will also benefit with this flexible positioning and feel greatly relieved to know that you can hold your baby much closer to you. As the baby grows, you can transition the baby to a more suitable position according to his weight or age.
  • Lightweight and Breathable Mesh: The Ergobaby 360 is carefully woven with lightweight and breathable mesh to give your little one a much cooler feeling. Because it is lightweight and breathable, it promotes better airflow and your baby would not likely feel uneasy but rather move comfortably or sleep safely and tightly.
  • Baby Hood: One of the best features of this carrier is the tuckaway baby hood which is greatly useful whenever you go out under the intense heat of the sun or get through the cold breeze. It serves as a protection to your baby against the sun and wind. It can also be a protective cover when the mother breastfeeds.
  • Flexible Size and Fit: it features an ergonomic design that is applicable to you and your partner. The carrier is adjustable and corresponds according to the wearer’s body size. It can fit petite to larger bodies.
  • Sturdy Quality: The Ergobaby 360 baby carrier is sturdy, strong, and long-lasting. It is designed to provide excellent performance for many years to come. Structured and crafted with high-quality materials, you can expect nothing but reliable and strong quality. Even if you wash it, it retains its shape and won’t easily wear out over time.
  • Baby-safe Material: Harsh materials can cause irritation and allergy to the baby. But Ergobaby always prioritizes the baby’s safety by making these carriers with baby-safe materials that will keep your little one’s delicate skin healthy and free from irritations or allergies.

Benefits of the Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions

As a budget-wise parent, you definitely want to make sure that every investment you make is worth it. And if you are planning to get your own Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions baby carrier, you’ve got to consider the practical features and the benefits you can take advantage of. If you are still undecided, here are some of the benefits of the Ergobaby 360 baby carrier.

  • It provides maximum comfort to you and your baby.
  • With its flexible positioning, you can move or transition your baby to the most suitable position without compromising the comfort. It allows your baby to face inward, outward, and onward.
  • You can give your baby a secure and snug position whatever you do or every time you go out.
  • You can freely move your hands and move around comfortably.
  • It allows you to hold your baby much closer to you.
  • It provides great relief and better convenience when going out.

What the Users Like About the Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

Due to its stunning features and overall quality, there’s no doubt a lot of users, especially moms and dads, appreciate Ergobaby’s practicality and flexibility. Most of the reviews concluded how comfortable and durable the carrier is. Apart from these positive points, these users have brought out more commendations.

Here are some of the other things they like about the Ergobaby 360:

  • Solid structure and quality
  • Excellent support
  • Keeps the baby cool because of the breathable mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent head and body support when the baby sleeps
  • High-quality cotton
  • Keeps in shape despite washing
  • Easy to wash

The Drawbacks

Although there has been a countless number of positive reviews about the carrier, some users didn’t seem very pleased with the product due to a few pitfalls. Here are some of the issues, concerns, and drawbacks that some users find:

  • The velcro closure makes a lot of noise.
  • Not comfortable for some babies over 20lbs.
  • No pockets or storage compartments.


The Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions baby carrier truly provides an exceptional quality compared to the usual carriers you may find on the market. It promotes flexible positioning, provides maximum comfort and support for your little one and delivers great convenience for the parents as well.

Although some parents aren’t really pleased with the noisy velcro and lack of pockets or storage compartments, the Ergobaby 360 still excels in its field and keeps up with its design, especially when it comes to the baby’s safety and comfort. Parents can benefit, too! And if you feel like you need to learn more about this baby carrier, the video below will tell you more about it:

Using the Ergobaby 360 baby carrier, you can give the utmost comfort and safety your precious little one deserves!


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