How to Choose The Best Diaper Bag

As a new mother, one thing you will find to be essential when traveling with your child is a diaper bag. It is a perfect accessory for carrying diapers, bottles, toys, snacks, wipes, mom necessities, and blankets.

Finding the best diaper bag depends on your personal preferences. You may be happy repurposing an existing backpack, or you may find it worthy to get a cool designer backpack complete with a matching changing pad and an insulated bottle storage space.

choose best diaper bags
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No matter your preferences, you have to select a diaper bag that offers more than just carrying your baby’s diapers. Here are vital factors to consider when looking for a diaper bag that can serve your needs:

Space for The Baby

The primary reason for getting a diaper bag is to carry essentials for your baby. The right diaper bag needs to have a lot of space to keep baby essentials including diapers, wipes, formula bottles, water bottles, toys, changing clothes, and rash creams, among others.
With many diaper bags around, consider bags with multiple pockets for organized storage of baby stuff.

Space for Mommy

It is hectic to carry around your bag, a diaper bag, and the baby. You will learn that the diaper bag isn’t just for the baby, but also for storing your necessities. You need space to keep your keys, wallet, toiletries, sunglasses, an extra shirt, and a makeup kit, among others.
Modern designer bags have dedicated pockets for the mother. Consider bags that have such an extra space to avoid mixing up your stuff and baby stuff.


The fabric you select for a diaper bag needs to be easy to clean, durable, and stunning. Canvas, nylon, leather, and cotton are some of the options you will encounter. The glazed fabric is the most common material since it is lightweight and waterproof.

Another common material is nylon fabric which is lightweight and durable. Nylon can keep its shape for ages, and if properly dyed, it will never fade. It is easy to clean and can be treated to restore its shine a couple of years into use.

If your target is functionality and durability, then you wouldn’t go wrong with a leather bag. Leather comes in many designs and is easy to clean. However, you will have to put up with a heavy bag since leather is a heavy material.

Cotton canvas is also another favorite fabric that is lightweight and easy to maintain. Its light nature makes it easy to handwash while canvas is durable. Cotton is versatile and comes in different prints. If you are looking for something stylish and versatile, then a cotton canvas should be your ideal choice.


Are you comfortable carrying a heavy bag or are you hunting for a lightweight option? As stated earlier the weight of a bag depends mostly on the material and size. When first-time mothers are shopping for diaper bags, they always overlook size and weight. If you don’t want to hate your diaper bag a few weeks after purchase, never ignore these two crucial factors.

You require a bag that is big enough to carry your stuff and that of your baby. However, it shouldn’t be too big to the extent that space goes to waste. It should not be too heavy after loading in the essentials. Avoid bags that become very heavy when stuffed. Instead, go for those that have the right amount of space and aren’t too bulky to carry with you when traveling with a baby.

Carry options

Do you need a backpack, shoulder strap, or messenger strap? After becoming a mother, you will realize that your kid always demands your attention and wants to be carried around most of the time. A reason that makes it essential to select a diaper bag with a carry option that is comfortable.

Shoulder Straps: These bags are easy to grab and don’t require much effort to carry. You will quickly forget that you have a bag hanging from your shoulder. However, the bag will continuously be rubbing on your shoulder, which might cause it to wear out.

It is not easy to find or carry a large shoulder bag. Therefore, bags with shoulder straps are generally large enough for a day trip only.

Backpack: As your family grows, you will realize that a backpack serves you much better than the other carry options. Children will be very active as they grow and will keep running around and you will have to follow them. You will be grateful for having a backpack with you that doesn’t interfere with your movement.

A backpack is easy to use. Just wear it to the front for easy access when walking and behind you when carrying the baby in your arms. It also distributes weight evenly which makes it ideal for carrying a lot of stuff.

Messenger Strap: This strap makes your bag hands-free and stylish. Although bags with messenger straps aren’t usually that big, they often come with secondary storage options to make it easier to store additional items. They are easy to carry, and they give you freedom of movement.

Ease of Cleaning

Choose a diaper bag that is easy to clean. You will have to store used diapers in your bag at some point, so you want to keep off from materials that are difficult to clean.


Look for features such as interior pockets, hooks, and insulated bottle pockets. Although these features may not make sense at first for first-time mothers, you will come to understand why they are integral. Choose a bag with a zipper so that things won’t fall out whenever to bend to attend to your baby.

Other important things to consider when looking for a diaper bag include color and design. Select a color or design that matches your style and preferences. Keep in mind that the design shouldn’t bar you from choosing a diaper bag that is big enough for you and your baby.

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