How to Organize Your Diaper Bag

A diaper bag provides a better way to organize your baby’s essentials while on the move. It is also where you will keep your necessities to avoid carrying an extra bag or purse.

When your diaper bag is disorganized, it will be difficult to find some items. It would take you a lot of time to dig through the bag only to find your keys or the baby’s pacifier. With an organized bag, everything is within your reach, and this helps you save time, hassle, and space.

How to Organize Your Diaper Bag
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Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, packing a diaper bag can be a bit of a challenge. So, how do you arrange everything in order when packing a diaper bag? The following are some of the most effective diaper bag organization tips.

Gathering supplies for your diaper bag

Take a notebook and create a checklist of all items you need in your diaper bag. They include:


You should have enough diapers for the entire duration you expect to be out. A baby needs a diaper change every one or two hours. Therefore, do your calculation to end up with the right number of diapers to carry. There is no harm in carrying one or two extra diapers.

Wipes and baby towels

A small container of wipes should be enough for the day. Store them in a plastic bag so that they don’t lose moisture. Always pack more than enough wipes in case there is an emergency.
You should also have a clean baby towel with you at all times. This towel will be essential in cleaning the baby’s face or bum while changing diapers.


Carry a small tube of your preferred ointment for use while changing the baby. Tubes take less space than lotions or other jelly containers.

Clean baby blankets

Carry about two blankets for placing your baby on while changing diapers. These blankets will come between the changing pad and your baby to provide comfort. You should ensure that all blankets are clean since they can double up as a burp cloth. You can also use blankets as a nursing cover when breastfeeding in public.

Changing pad

Some diaper bags come with changing pads while others don’t. Make sure you have a changing pad at all times. It should be slim with a comfortable pad. The pad should fold in sections for better storage.

Clean changing clothes

After changing, your baby may need fresh clothes. Carry extra shirts and pants or a onesie for your baby. Take extra socks and shoes in case the current ones get soiled.

Storage for soiled diapers

Carry a sealable plastic bag for storing soiled clothes and used diapers. The plastic bag can also serve to store trash and used diaper wipes until you reach the right place to dispose of them.

Toys for the baby

Your baby may start throwing a tantrum when changing diapers. Get your baby’s favorite book or toys that they can look at when you are changing their diapers.

Snacks for the baby

Don’t forget snacks for your baby when packing a diaper bag. Carry non-perishable snacks such as nuts, puffs, and cereals in a plastic bag. You can also carry juice or water in a sippy cup with a spill proof lid.

Mommy’s essentials

Unless you want to carry an extra bag, don’t forget your essentials such as keys, makeup kit, and a wallet.

Packing your diaper bag

Start with diapers

Diapers should go in first and should be stacked side by side in the diaper bag. It is essential for the diapers to face upwards so that they are easy to remove whenever you need. Depending on how large your diaper bag is, you should place them on one side of the diaper bag.

Wipes and diaper creams

All ointments and wipes should be kept in the side pockets. Many diaper bags come with side pockets which are great locations for cream tubes and wipes. If your diaper bag doesn’t have side pockets, then you should place these items in a small plastic bag. Put this plastic bag near the diapers.

Add clothes and towels

Roll up your baby’s clothes and towels next and add them to your diaper bag next to the diapers. Rolled up clothes are easy to pull out of the diaper bag whenever you need them. Make sure to pack a plastic bag for storing dirty clothes, towels, and diapers after changing.

Place in the changing pad

Fold and put a changing pad on one side of the diaper bag. It should be easy to remove and reinsert. Never place a changing pad at the very bottom since you will have to remove everything to access it.

Add blankets

Fold blankets and place them on the opposite side of the changing pad. Ensure that they are flat and smooth first so that they can occupy less space.

Snacks and toys

Place snacks in sealed bags together with toys, books, and plastic bags on the side pockets of the diaper bag. If your bag doesn’t have side pockets, then store these items in sealed bags on the sides of your diaper bag.

Personal items

As a mother, you require some space for your items too. Keep items such as your keys, wallet, and cellphone in the side pockets, if your diaper bag has plenty of them. Some designer bags have extra pockets for this purpose.

You can also use a small zip bag to store your items and place them inside the diaper bag. If you neither have a diaper bag with side pockets nor a small zip bag, then you might consider carrying a purse. However, it is easy to forget your purse somewhere when you have a diaper bag and a baby in your hands.

Hopefully, this guide will help you find the right items for your diaper bag and pack them in the best way possible. Don’t forget to update some of the items mentioned as your baby grows.

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