How to Wash a Diaper Bag

Diaper bags get dirty just like everything else that you use on a daily basis. At some point, you will need to place the bag on the floor, and some dirt will stick to its base. Your baby’s formula may spill inside, or worse dirty diapers may leak. When dealing with many potential issues that can dirty your bag, you can be sure that it will get dirty at some point.

The only way to make usable again after it gets dirty is to clean it. Washing the bag on a weekly basis will not only help in keeping it clean but also give a sense of satisfaction knowing that your baby’s items are in a clean environment.

How to wash diaper bags
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Washing a diaper bag isn’t a hard thing to do. You have to learn how to do it right. Besides, not every diaper bag should undergo cleaning similarly. Leather bags need a different treatment to those made from nylon or canvas.

Preparing to clean your diaper bag

Follow these steps to prepare your diaper bag for cleaning:

  • Remove everything from the bag. Check pockets, unzip all zippers, and turn the bag upside down to empty everything. Make sure there are no crumbs or any leftovers in the bag.
  • Get the best detergent depending on the material you are cleaning. Keep away from strong chemicals that may cause your baby to sneeze. There are many soft detergents nowadays that are designed specifically for cleaning items used with the baby. Get one of them for washing the diaper bag.
  • Get a piece of cloth or a brush with smooth bristles. You don’t want something that will rub hard against the diaper bag only to end up destroying it.
  • You need to have clean water too. Warm water is best for materials such as leather. In case of any other materials, read the instructions provided for washing that particular fabric.
  • Have a clean towel with you that you will use to wipe the bag dry.

How to clean a diaper bag

If you are cleaning a bag that is from polyester, nylon, or vinyl, then follow the steps below:

  • Add water to a bowl, then add a few drops of mild soap. Make sure to use soap that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
  • Take a clean cloth and dip it into the water then remove and squeeze out excess soapy water.
  • Wipe the bag on both the interior and exterior while making sure to remove any visible stains and dirt.
  • Repeat the process if the cloth runs out of the soapy water.
  • If you encounter tough dirt, increase the pressure while rubbing it until you remove it. However, if you can’t get rid of it with a cloth, then use a brush with gentle bristles. An old toothbrush can also work in this case.
  • Take a clean towel and wipe the bag dry
  • Put your clean diaper bag out in the air to dry.

How to clean a leather diaper bag

If you own a leather diaper bag, the method above shouldn’t pose any problem. You can clean both sides of the bag without encountering any problems. Another option is swapping the detergent with a proper leather cleaner.

If you are going to use a leather cleaner, make sure that your bag is made from pure leather. Faux leather is plastic that has been made to look like leather, so using a leather cleaner on plastic will have adverse effects. Use soap and a leather cleaner to clean faux leather.

Use a good leather cleaner for genuine leather to bring out the shine on your diaper bag. Special leather cleaners are normally formulated to prevent flaking, cracking, or wrinkling of leather. Not only will your bag look good, but it will also be durable for longer.

Which cleaning products are safe for diaper bags?

You might want to check the material your bag is made from before using a cleaning detergent. If you aren’t sure of what to use, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s website. Find out whether it is recommended to use warm or cold water with a particular detergent.

For leather products, a genuine leather cleaner will do wonders. Never use disinfectant wipes, window cleaners, hair spray, or other chemicals to clean leather diaper bags since they will end up doing more damage than good. The best idea is to try the product on a small area before using it on the entire diaper bag.

Diaper bags made from faux leather shouldn’t undergo washing in a way that is similar to real leather. Faux leather is plastic that will be damaged when cleaned with strong detergents. Stick to mild soap and water for faux leather.

Is it safe to clean a diaper bag in a washer?

Don’t wash your diaper bag in the washing machine unless the manufacturer states it. For leather, don’t even think of placing your diaper bag in a washing machine or you will end up spoiling it. Any diaper bag whose instructions don’t classify it as machine washable should be hand-washed. Note that the warranty doesn’t cover any damages that occur on your bag after going against what the manufacturer advises.

How to prevent a diaper bag from getting dirty quickly

Washing a diaper bag isn’t an exciting experience. You have to keep your bag as clean as possible to avoid having to clean it every other week.

Keep anything that is likely to spill inside a Ziploc bag. This way, if it spills, then it will not pass the plastic and end up in your bag. You should also keep used diapers and wipes in Ziploc to prevent smell or dirt from leaking into your bag.

Place your bag out of the way of a running toddler if you don’t want it to become dirty quickly. In the case of leather, keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. You should always have a cloth to remove any stains before they become hard to remove.

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