Write for Us: Contributor Guidelines

TopBabyGears.Com is the perfect site to provide information regarding baby care, parenting, and pregnancy reference. Our Company has undergone daily growth and expansion, and we reach an expansive audience much faster than any other Company before us.

We provide you with the opportunity to contribute to Baby About, and in return provide you and your brand a chance to grow and gain exposure to potential fans.

Baby to gladly accepts a high-quality contribution that does not extremely lean on the self-promotional side. The goal of our blog content is to provide our readers with helpful information. If your site can provide this helpful content, then we will happily link it to our site.

Article Topics


Rules that our Writers should follow

  1. The content provided should be extensively researched, of very high quality, and should provide substantial help to our audience.
  2. The content should be 100% unique and original. We do not allow copy-pasting of information directly from the internet or other sources.
  3. The contributions must at least have social promotions by their authors.
  4. The content should be valuable, clean, and applicable to our website.
  5. All contributors should have a trackable record of being publishers of high-quality health articles online.
  6. Each article must be at least 800 words long.
  7. The writer should include at least one do-follow link back to their personal website.
  8. Also, the writer should not include a link that directs to tobaccos, alcohol, drug, or pornography related sites.
  9. An editor will go through your article to determine whether or not it is a potential fit for the needed information.
  10. It is also important that you note that we do not monetize our blog through conventional CPM and CPC based ads. For this reason, we will need your support for a $50 donation to post your content. This donation will go a long way in assisting us to maintain the blog. Your support is very valuable, and it helps us guarantee our presence whenever you need us.
  11. topbabygears.com has the full right to delete your link from the content, if it hurts topbabygears.com in any way.

NOTE: Please remember to include these words as the subject line of your email: ‘Baby about Guest Post.’ Failure to do this might compromise our chances of reading your submission.

SEO/Style Guidelines that you need to keep in mind

  • A paper length of 800-1500 words.
  • Use short, preferably one sentence paragraphs when writing your introduction.
  • The subheadings should use H2.
  • The Sub-subheadings should use H3.
  • Make use of bulleted lists.
  • Make use of perfect text styles such as italics and bolding to improve the visual clarity of your submission.
  • Include at least two internal links to Baby About articles.
  • For SEO, please ensure that you use a keyword in the title, in a H2 subhead, in the first line of the article, and somewhere within an opening paragraph.
  • Your personal affiliate links are not allowed in the guest post.
  • Also, write a short bio after the conclusion of your post, and include a link which is not an affiliate. You may provide links to your social media accounts, offer, or website.

Our Editorial Policy

Our editors have the right to shorten and edit your submissions as they may deem necessary. Every once in a while, we might also decide that a particular submission is not fit for publishing, and thus decline it. It is the responsibility of our editors to ensure sound argument, accuracy, and proper grammar for each article. If the editing process results in major alterations that are necessary according to our editing staff, we will consult the creator or writer. We will then plan for your publication as soon as all the revisions are over.

Guide to Submitting a Post

Step One: Begin by indicating the title of your submission. Then proceed to provide a clear explanation of your angle and point of view, the new contribution that you provide to this topic, the unique aspect about the approach you use, experience or research that applies to other people and that provide the necessary results. It is important that your introduction gives a clear statement of the exact thing that the reader expects to gain from this article.

Step Two: Ensure that your email subject line includes the keywords required: ‘Guest Post Submission.’ The Company receives a huge load of emails in a single day, and the use of this specific title will be very helpful in the organization and classification of the emails.

Step Three: Send your submission to the email [email protected]

Step Four: Await our feedback regarding whether your submission is a good fit or not. Please keep in mind that a submission is not a guarantee of the publishing of the content.